The certification framework of QBAI® is based on a MATRIX MODEL: there are three levels of certification for which different missions are defined in relation to the desired level of specialization.

Level I – Fundamental of Business Analysis

It is aimed at applicants with a basic level of specialization (without any work experience) with an excursus on the most popular functional areas in the Finance sector.

Level II – Advanced Business Analyst

It is aimed at applicants with a medium level of functional specialization in Finance or Insurance sectors. The testing module provides the basic notions for test plans’ drafting. Collector flow of the different areas: project implementation methods.

Level III – Master – Strategic Business Analyst Management

It is aimed at applicants with a high level of functional specialization in Finance or Insurance sectors (more than 5 years of work experience). Implementation of real projects related to technological innovation (App & Mobile) through the use of the “Agile” method and management of project teams.

Each level of certification is divided within its course into three sections, enabling to significantly facilitate the acquisition of the required skills:

  • 1st SECTION: introduction to the subject
  • 2nd SECTION: use of tools related to the area of interest
  • 3rd SECTION: on the job training


Certain minimum entry requirements have been established for each level of certification. This guarantees a right balance between the notions provided by the certification and the real work experiences, according to the different certification levels. 


The certification test varies according to the level. Several possible configurations of the certification tests are available in the Test section on this website.