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It is the main module, which provides the concepts, the strategic value, and the role of the Business Analysis.

Our training course addresses the entire scope of the Business Analysis: the ‘before’, ‘during’, and ‘after’ phases of the implementation of a solution to a business problem. This is a broad and profound overview that allows you to understand the added value that a correct Business Analysis provides to the strategy execution.


QBAI® Level I – Fundamental Certification is aimed at personnel with a basic level of specialization

The Fundamental Level is the prerequisite for accessing any further QBAI® courses.

Course Structure

The course is aimed at passing the QBAI® “Fundamental of Business Analysis” certification test.

The topics covered within the course comply with the structure defined by the QBAI-STAND / CERT234-1: 2021 standard and are divided into the following three sections:

Section 1

Introduction to the subjects: ‘Organization and Business Management’,

  • Total Quality Management”,
  • “Process Definition”,
  • “Definition and phases of a Project”
  • “Planning tools”.

Section 2

  • “Project Management”
  • Methods for implementing a project / comparison (AGILE, Waterfall, etc.)”
  • Project roles”
  • Tools used and analysis phase”
  • “Types of functional documents: Reports, Regulatory Analysis, Requirements Analysis, UCS, CR, Test Plans”.

Section 3

  • Project development with division of roles within the functional team.
Final Test
Certification Validity