QBAI® Handbook

The Handbook provided by QBAI® is an essential tool for preparing for QBAI®’s certification tests. Its aim is to provide an immediate reference to the topics addressed during the courses. The Handbook is continuously updated by QBAI®’s Working Group. The latest Handbooks released by QBAI®’s Board of Directors are available on this page.

QBAI® Fundamental Handbook




QBAI® Glossary

The QBAI® Glossary shows the meanings of the terms used within all QBAI®’s materials, collecting a comprehensive terminology of the Business Analysis. The quality model defined by QBAI®’s Board of Directors considers the explanation of the specialized terms used for the certifications to be essential, with the aim of transmitting to the professionals an adequate technical language. In fact, QBAI®’s tests aim to verify that the certified professionals possess a proper use of such terminology.

QBAI® Guidelines

QBAI®’s Guidelines describe the steps that a Business Analyst shall follow for an optimal drafting of the functional documents necessary to a process / project. Every phase is identified with a functional document capable of describing the activities performed or to be performed by the group of work during each step. For this purpose, the guidelines offered by QBAI® instruct on the drafting of 3 functional documents that are representative of the most significant project phases:

  1. Business Requirements Collection – Feasibility Study Document (or FSD);
  2. Identification of use cases – Use Case Specification (or UCS);
  3. Collection of test cases related to the functionalities object of the project – Test Plan.