How to register for the certification tests

Potential candidates interested in a QBAI® certification are those who intend to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology and differentiate themselves achieving a certification of their skills in Business Analysis and Software Engineering. The prerequisites for accessing the various levels of QBAI® certification are here.

QBAI®’s skills certification is based on the QBAI-STAND / CERT234-1: 2021 standard.



Companies that intend to qualify their employees for QBAI® certification can write to

In this way, it will be possible to agree on times, costs and methods of training.

To join the QBAI® Membership Program visit the dedicated page.



Course Registration

The QBAI® certification organization has made the courses available in elearning mode. Thanks to our platform, you can purchase the course and follow it at your own pace. The certification course is available on QBAI® e-learning


Registration for the certification Test

To register to QBAI certifications, it is necessary to take the final exam through the Elearning platform made available by QBAI®.

QBAI® offers the candidate the possibility to independently choose, among the various sessions organized each month, the date on which to take the exam. Consult our Calendar and discover the dates available to take the exam.

Available dates don’t suit your needs? Write to us at, we will try to organize a specific exam session for you!

The exam will take place under the supervision of a QBAI® accredited examiner who will be connected to the time and date of the exam in order to verify the regularity in carrying out the same. For more information on how to carry out the exam, visit the page

Test Registration