QBAI® Corporate Membership Program

The Corporate program is aimed at all companies, organizations, public or private bodies whose employees / external consultants have obtained QBAI®’s certifications.

QBAI® Corporate Membership has three levels: Standard, Medium, Excellence.

It provides the following benefits:

  • Publication of the entity’s logo on the official website www.qbai.org;
  • Discounts on the tests’ fees;
  • Participation in QBAI®’s Quality Board together with industry experts;
  • Improvement of the market image through the granting of QBAI®’s logo.

Corporate Membership is based on a scoring system (QBAI® Points). The Program is created by QBAI® to recognize and give value to the organizations that invest in QBAI®’s certification model.

  • Fundamental Certification: 1 QBAI® Point;
  • Advanced Certification: 2 QBAI® Points;
  • Master Certification: 5 QBAI® Points.

Membership levels are classified as follows:

Standard Level
Medium Level
Excellence Level




The company / organization can request an upgrade of its Membership at any time if it has accrued enough QBAI® points to access to the higher level before the end of the validity year.


In such case:

the Membership fee for the higher level shall be paid, net of the residual value of the fee for the previous level 

the expiration date of the Membership is updated

Membership renewal is automatic and is carried out according to the discounts provided at time of subscription.

For more information: info@qbai.org